Darkness Dash

This package starts after the sun has gone down.  You'll receive a dog sledding tutorial and your team of 6 dogs is ready to go when you get here.  The trails are lit by the soft glow of our solar powered tiki torches! (Note: we no longer have burning tiki-torches do to environmental concerns, they are now solar powered lamps).


The only sounds are that of the sled runners gliding over the trails and the rhythmic breathing of the dogs as they fall into a collective, even gait.  The cool, crisp evening air creates a fantastic environment for the dogs to run in; and the (sometimes visible) moonlight and headlamps are an excellent and beautiful touch for the mushers to enjoy dog sledding in a quiet and peaceful way.


This package is available Friday and Saturday evenings only.  Your experience is 1 hour long.  The first 15 minutes is your dog sledding tutorial, and then 35 minutes of dog sledding.  The remaining 10 minutes is a photo and discussion opportunity when we return to the yard.  Start time is 7 pm.


Reservations are required and payment must be made in full at the time of reservations.  Refer to our FAQs for our payment and refund policy.