Once all of the teams are hooked up, we will leave the yard one at a time and in single file.

Remain with your team until it is your turn to go (this is not the time to be wandering around).

Your sled is attached to a tree with a snub line and panic snap.

This snap is designed to release quickly when you slide the catch off the pin, regardless of how much pull is being forced on the pin.

When it is your turn for your team to leave, the driver will put one foot on the brakes, medium pressure, and two hands on the handle bars.  The passenger, who is already sitting in the basket, will release the panic snap.  The panic snap will be located at the perfect height and RIGHT NEXT to the passenger.

Once the panic snap is released, let the team know that it's time to go by saying 'Okay team, let's go!'.  The snub line will unravel from the sled, but stay wrapped on the tree for when you return.

Keep one foot on the brakes with medium pressure to keep control of the sled as the team starts to move.