Properly harnessed and on the gang line

The dogs wear a harness named after the 'X' of nylon webbing that sits on their backs when worn; x-back harnesses.

The harnesses are sized by colour coded loops on the ends of them. You will receive the proper harnesses for each dog on your team.

Approach the dog that you were assigned.

Hold the harness with the coloured loop to the ground and the 'X' of the harness against your stomach.

Grab the long padded straps that are furthest from your body and bunch them up to the padded hole at the top.

Then put the harness of the dog's head.

Reposition the harness so that the 'X' is sitting properly on the dog's back.

Now lean the dog's side against your legs, and pull their outer front leg through the forward webbing so that the padding goes from their chest, to under their arm, headed towards their tail.

Do the same on the other side.

Grab hold of the 'X' between the dog's shoulder blades; release the clip from their collar; lift them onto their back legs to take out of the kennel.

This does not hurt them, the harness is designed to support their upper body; and the dog will hop next to you anyways!

You WILL be dragged if you put them on 4 feet!

Once you get to the sled with the dog, bring them to the proper position in the team.

Attach the long tug (red) line to the small coloured loop on the back of the harness, near the dog's tail; and the small (red) neck line, further up the tow (black) line, to the dog's collar (make sure the collar is in front of the harness and not tucked underneath!)

Once your whole team is hooked up, you must stand with them to make sure none of them are chewing their lines in excitement!

If they chew because you weren't paying attention, you'll have no team to run with!