Information About The Dogs

Many of the dogs in the kennel have been rescued from undesirable situations. They go through rehabilitation programs to help socialize them with other dogs and people. There are a few who don't readily accept strangers; therefore, we ask that you don't force interaction upon any that are not interested in interaction.  This can hinder their rehabilitation progress!

There is a hierarchy system within the kennel. You will notice that each dog has its own personal space. Do not take a dog through the space of another dog when setting up teams; make sure to go around or follow the path shown to you by a guide.

Sled dogs are highly excitable and impatient! It is not uncommon to hear them barking, growling, and/or howling during hook up. With all of that energy, they can often blame their running buddy for the reason they haven't left the yard yet. Do not be alarmed if you hear a lot of noise coming from your team during hook up; they settle down once we're out on the trail!